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About Me

Sara Saudkova was born in 1967. Currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. She has been taking pictures since 1999, dedicating her works exclusively to free creation. Her stylised photographs document her private life: love, relationship, desires, loneliness, expectations... „A photograph is a miracle because it allows us to tame and to stop the time and also it shows us the ungraspable: Movement, emotion, pain and beauty. It awakes our memories – of everything we love.“ „As a mother of four little children, I take in my hands a camera instead of cooking spoon and iron. And I do nothing other than to absorb through my lense into my negatives all that is important to me and that is reliably passing: the love, the pleasure, the sadness as a longing, smell of the children, the loneliness and the hope.“ „“All these are stories which turn still in my mind – stories which were written by people – and which I can read as a book. We all, each of us, have a secret, and only phootgraphy can capture it without revealing everything completely.“ CURRICILUM VITAE: Sára Saudková / Sarah Saudek Born 1967 in Czech Republic Graduated at University of Economics in Prague (Czech Republic) Living in Prague, Czech Republic The Autor is taking her Pictures since 1999 She is dedicating her Work exclusive for „free Creation“ (not made-to-order): staged (stylised) Photographs are documenting her privacy Life – Love, Relationships, Desire, Loneliness, Expectations… Exhibitions: Galery Krisal, Geneve (Swiss) – 2000 Galery Masson, Zlín (CR) – 2000 Photographic Galery G 4, Cheb (CR) – 2001 Galery Michalský dvor, Bratislava (SR) – 2001 Galery Mona Lisa, Olomouc (CR) – 2002 Východoslovenská galéria, Košice (SR)- 2002 Galery Pyramida, Prague (CR) – 2002 Castle Gallery Chagall, Karviná (CR) – 2003 Prague House of Photography, Prague (CR) – 2003 Gallery Chagall, Ostrava (CR) - 2004 Gallery MANES - Art Fair Praha – 2004 (CR) FOMA Bohemia, Hradec Kralove (CR) – 2004 FOTO ART FESTIVAL, Bielsko-Biala – 2005 Galerie A3, Moskva – 2005 Výtvarné centrum Chagall, Karviná – 2005 Výtvarná síň Viléma Wünscheho, Havířov – 2006 Old Gallery - Association of polish photographers, Warszaw (Poland) - 2006 Dům fotografie, Český Krumlov (CR)- 2006 Internationale Photobiennale, Brescia (Italy) - 2006 IN FOCUS, Köln (G) - 2006 Fotomuseum, Leipzig (G) - 2006 Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall), Prague (CR) - 2007 Museum municipale, Pilsen (CR) - 2007 Museum of Vysočina, Jihlava (CR) - 2007 Castle of Josef Barton-Dobenin, Nove Město nad Metuji (CR) - 2007 Gallery Špalíček, Brno (CR) - 2007 Palaice Hybernia, Praha (CR) – 2007 Castle Gallery, Kladno (CR) – 2007 Palais de Tokyo, Paris (F) - 2008 Kotva, Praha (CR) – 2008 Gallery municipale, Frenštát p. R. (CR) - 2009 Museum Rýmařov (CR) – 2009 Velvet Kelly Gallery, Žilina (SK) – 2009 Vltavotýnské výtvarné dvorky, Týn nad Vltavou (CR) – 2009 Photogallery NOVA, Košice (SK) – 2009 Cathedrale, Praha (CR) – 2009 Flemmichova vila, Krnov (CR) – 2010 Gallery municipale U Zlatého slunce, Týn nad Vltavou (CR) – 2010 Art Centre Chagall, Ostrava (CR) – 2010 Muzeum of Vysočina, Jihlava (CR) – 2010 Gallery U Schelů, České Budějovice (CR) – 2010 Ballarat Int. Photo Biennale, Melbourne, Australia, 2011 Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Roma, Italy, 2011 Spilimbergo Fotografia Festival, Italy, 2012 Maxgallery, Trnava, Slovakia, 2012 KRISAL Gallery, Geneve (Swiss) - 2013 Melbourne Fine Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2013 Chodovska Tvrz, Prague, CZ, 2013 Liberarti gallery, Trieste, Italy, 2013-2014 Old-City Municipal Hall, Prague, CZ, 2014 Art Highschool, Prague, Czech Republic, 2014 Czech House, Brussels, Belgium, 2014 Galartis, Lausanne, Swiss, 2014 Museum of Modern Art, The International Photo Exhibition Pärnu, Estonia, 2014 Project: Photograph made for ABSOLUT Vodka „Absolut Sarah“, 2003 - Included in Artcollection of Absolut Copany Documentary „Bad Girls“ by Marta Zein, for spanish tv TVE and Canal ARTE - 2003 Portraits of Prague Chamber Philharmony – 2006, 2007 Fashion-portfolio for french BC magazine of design and art, 2008, issue Nr. 2 Calendar Dr. Martens 2010 (50. anniversary of mark Dr. Martens) Calendar of 12 czech personalities of culture and sport (Forman, Gott,…), for company D.I.C., 2010 Books: „Masterpieces of Erotic Photography“, Carltonbooks London (UK) – 2000 „Sára Saudková“ – Monography, published by BB ART Prague (CR) – 2002 „Sára Saudková“ – Monography (2. extended Edition), published by BB ART Prague (CR) – 2003 „Black and White“ – Edition „SEX“ (Magazine for Fine Art Photography), Sydney (Austrálie) – 2003 „Sara Saudkova“ – catalogue, published by Kant, Praha (CR) - 2005 „Postcardbook“ - published by Ltd., Prague (CR) - 2006 „Podoba lásky“ (Face of Love“) - monography, Ltd., Prague (CR) - 2007 Calendar 2008 -, Praha (CR) - 2007 Calendar 2008 - BB ART, Praha (CR) - 2007 „Večery s fotografem“ (Nights with photographer) - book, IDIF, Praha (CR) - 2007 „AKT“ (Nude) - book, ZONER Press, Brno (CR) – 2007 „Sára Saudková-photographs“ – catalogue, Hybernia, Praha (CR) – 2007 Catalogue „Múzy fotí múzu“, Josef Louda, Praha (CR) - 2007 „Be Contemporary Nr. 2“ - magazine of design and art, Paris (F) – 2008 „FOTOGRAFOS“ – photomagazine, Athéns (GR) – 2009 Catalogue „Vltavotýnské výtvarné dvorky“, Týn nad Vltavou (CZ) – 2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 „The Mammoth Book of Georgeous Guys“ (erotic male photographs) – Constable&Robinson (UK) - 2010 "Příběhy ve znamení touhy"/The Stories in the Sign of Desire, book, Mlada Fronta Publisher, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012

Basic Info

  • Birth date: 0000-00-00
  • Gender: Female
  • Photo club: freelance


  • Country: Czech Republic




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