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Friday, November 27th 2020 at 00:00h UTC

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Final voting results

Explanation for the legend of the results page

Status AW - Photo has been accepted for award judging round
Status EX - Photo has been accepted for exhibition
Status - - Photo hasn't been accepted for exhibition
Award - Type of the award photo has been awarded

#AuthorPhoto titleStatusAwards
2.Jean Claude BacleGo to the bathAWPCA Gold
3.Danlei YeSnow world51AWPCA Silver
4.Dilip PatelExcitementAWPCA Bronze
5.Gottfried CataniaAngry StareAWPCA HM
6.Thinh NguyenShare with me 2AWPCA HM
7.Shaohua Fangmother loveAWPCA HM
8.Gottfried CataniaMeerkats on the AlertAW
9.Chin Leong TeoBlue Insularis 14AWPCA HM
10.Holger BueckerYou'll Never Walk AloneAWPCA HM
11.Pascalis BennedictAcrobatic AntAWPCA HM
12.Ching Ching ChanChildhood SweetheartAWSALON Gold
13.Billion LimFIND FLEASAWSALON Silver
14.Dilip PatelThe Indian Wild Ass 01AW
15.Holger BueckerApproaching LionAW
16.Mustafa EvirgenCamouflageAWSALON Bronze
17.Betty ChanBear HugAWSALON HM
18.Amani AlqahtaniMonkeysAWSALON HM
19.Marc AnagnostidisMale Calopteryx VirgoAWSALON HM
20.Asbjorn M OlsenTiger danceAWGP PCA Gold medals
21.Mustafa EvirgenRed DeerAW
22.Ching Ching ChanTake a RideAW
23.Holger BueckerDrill BossAW
24.Minh NguyenHorseshoe BendAWADRIATIC Diploma
25.Nay LinFightingAWADRIATIC Diploma
26.Anitha MysoreCurious mynaAWADRIATIC Diploma
27.Betty ChanPolar Bears Fighting 376AW
28.Ching Ching ChanChattingAW
29.Ching Ching ChanFull of LoveAW
30.Gottfried CataniaCheeky MonkeyAW
31.Manfred PillikDurstigAWADRIATIC Diploma
32.Jin Huat YeohHipo in Water 3961AWADRIATIC Diploma
33.Kai ZhengTibetan antelope.JPGAWSALON Diploma
36.Norman JohnsonTiger on Stormy DayAWSALON Diploma
37.Betty ChanWalrus CoupleAW
38.Betty ChanArctic Fox FightingAW
39.Anitha MysoreRWBulbul on berry branchAW
40.Mohamed Tazi ChertiWILD BEAUTYAWSALON Diploma
41.Angela PoggioniPerfect CatchAWPCA Diploma
42.Joylene May Lee-ArcherMy BranchAWPCA Diploma
43.H. W. ChanSwan 04AWPCA Diploma
44.Malcolm JenkinGolden Tree Frog 4AWPCA Diploma
45.Maria MazoThe dancersAWPCA Diploma
46.Arun MohanrajAFTER THE KILLAW
48.Kai ZhengXINJIANG Anjihai Grand Canyon.jpgAW
49.Manfred PillikAmurleopardAW
50.Wolfgang HabringerKangaroos 61AWPCA Diploma
51.Markham MailContented lionAWPCA Diploma
52.Valery KorenchukDamn LakeAWPCA Diploma
53.Vicki MoritzSM sharing secretsAWPCA Diploma
54.Hein HtetBlue Pit Viper 14AWPCA Diploma
55.David NorrisForest CascadesAWPCA Diploma
56.Jasmin SuljanovicLetAW
57.Jean Claude BacleTenderness lionsAW
58.Jean Claude BacleThree penguins posturesAW
59.H. W. ChanPolar Bear N08AW
60.Wolfgang HabringerHaubenlangur 42AW
61.Jasmin SuljanovicJelenAW
62.Danlei YeHave a fight13AW
63.Nay LinFeeding TimeAW
64.Mohamed Tazi ChertiNICELY DRESSEDAW
65.Danlei YeThe polar bear37AW
66.Mohamed Tazi ChertiSURPRISEDAW
67.Heinz PeksFamilie FuchsAWADRIATIC Diploma
68.Dee LangevinThreatening PosturesAWSALON Diploma
69.Mohamed Tazi ChertiSPOTEDAW
70.Pascalis BennedictHover Feeding V15AW
71.Yuet Yee WongTO BE ALERTAW
72.Jasmin SuljanovicJesenAW
73.Marc AnagnostidisAnthocharis Et Filicaria 3AW
74.Kerry BoytellBreakfast for a White Tail EagleAWADRIATIC Diploma
75.Kjersti Holstcormorant catching fishAWADRIATIC Diploma
76.Jose Manuel Gonzaleztouching the skyAWSALON Diploma
77.Jan-Thomas StakeFighting zebras 7304AWSALON Diploma
78.Lee Eng TanLioness 3AWPCA Diploma
79.Jin Huat YeohJuvenile Mudskipper 7AW
80.Chin Leong TeoWallace Flying Frog 1AW
82.Wolfgang HabringerFull Of Pride 38AW
83.Heinz PeksAngriffAW
84.Anitha MysoreMount Trishul in golden lightAW
86.Wolfgang HabringerElk 87AW
87.Donald DedonatoHaleakala CraterAWADRIATIC Diploma
88.Dilip PatelSlap Up MealAW
89.Jean Claude BacleGrebes familyAW
90.Kai ZhengZhangYe DanXia.jpgAW
91.Zhimin ZhangfightingAWSALON Diploma
92.Phillip KwanCub with GrassAWSALON Diploma
93.Naing Linn TunNemo FishsAWPCA Diploma
94.Lee Eng TanThomson Gazelle 1AW
95.Kjersti Holstgreat crested grebe in courtshipAW
96.H. W. ChanWild ape N18AW
97.Dilip PatelMorning LoveAW
98.Donald DedonatoDead Horse PointAW
99.Myat Ko KoOtter In ActionAW
100.Gabriele DellanaveSnuggling BearsAWSALON Diploma
101.Lee Eng TanAfrican Cheetahs 6AW
102.Roald SynnevaagBear 2AW
103.Shaohua Fangmy babiesAW
104.Cristian DonosPelican MeetingAWADRIATIC Diploma
105.Dee LangevinHumpbacks FeedingAW
106.Jin Huat YeohMudskipper 3629AW
107.H. W. ChanWild ape N14AW
108.Amani AlqahtaniDesert beautyAW
109.Amani AlqahtaniDesert beautyAW
110.Shaohua FangGymnastsAW
111.Sugiarto WidodoCATCHING THE FISHEX
112.Gabriele DellanaveChattin HummingbirdsEX
113.Minh NguyenDa diaEX
114.Wolfgang SchwedenHawfinch 3EX
115.Joylene May Lee-ArcherOh So SadEX
116.Kai ZhengVULTURE.jpgEX
117.Wil Van NisselroyHeaven GateEX
118.Jiangchuan TongSiberian Tiger 02.jpgEX
119.Hein HtetNo survival 03EX
120.Jean-Claude PailleMandriiEX
121.Naing Linn TunTigerEX
122.Kerry BoytellChase for the PrizeEX
123.Kerry BoytellKite Attacks Sea EagleEX
124.Holger BueckerFull of attentionEX
125.Thanh VuGia dinh hanh phucEX
126.Donald DedonatoCautious WolfEX
127.Donald DedonatoRed-tailed ProfileEX
128.David NorrisShy ParrotEX
129.Myat Ko KoNature CallingEX
130.Fabio Sartoriopen, semiopen, closedEX
131.Kjersti Holstswan from a different perspectiveEX
132.Barbara SchmidtChilepelicans with cormorantsEX
133.Barbara SchmidtMurchinson Falls NP 03EX
134.Cristian DonosMagical Antelope CanyonEX
135.Cristian DonosSlot Canyon SerenityEX
136.Lisa LawOpen WideEX
137.Cyril MazanskyUpper Calf Creek Reflection 2EX
138.Zhimin ZhanganxiousEX
139.Moshe GeizlerEat UpEX
140.Roseline DupeuxBaies givréesEX
141.Dee LangevinPlayful SwatEX
142.Danlei YeGalapagos wildlife8EX
143.Phillip KwanLake Reflection 51EX
144.Phillip KwanTern Return 52EX
145.Katie MakBLUE BIRD 1EX
147.Malcolm JenkinBegonia PerchEX
148.Malcolm JenkinSteep ClimbEX
149.Asbjorn M OlsenSiberian tiger 4EX
150.Thinh NguyenFightingEX
151.Thinh NguyenPositioningEX
152.Roald SynnevaagPuffin 2020EX
153.Gabriele DellanaveNature ColorsEX
154.Wunna Wincow group comming EX
155.Wunna Winloving birdsEX
156.Boo Sum Robert ChoyBirds Having FunEX
157.Boo Sum Robert ChoyCommon Interest-
158.Boo Sum Robert ChoyGaze Together-
159.Vicki MoritzSM scratch my back-
160.Jose Manuel Gonzalezreflection-
161.Aye Chan Myat ThuFighting For Food-
162.Hein HtetMoment in Nature 57-
163.Jean-Claude PailleFlamants enlacés-
164.Barbara JenkinRed Eye Reflects-
165.Jill LamHummingbird 1-
166.David WoodthorpeThree is a Crowd-
168.Michael BraunsteinMore eggs flying-
169.Billion LimHORNBILL 6688-
170.Thanh Vu25234-49148-24093-
171.Jose Luis UrbaitelAtardecer en Epecuen-
172.Angela PoggioniFamily In The Mist-
173.Nay LinEating-
174.Myat Ko KoBee-
175.Myat Ko KoLast Breath-
176.Markham MailGulls in quake ruins-
177.Jin Huat YeohElephant Calf 697-
178.Xiaomei XuChannel-
179.Xiaomei XuChecking up-
180.Xiaomei XuFlying with you-
181.Chin Leong TeoFS Landscape 2-
182.Marc AnagnostidisDuo Mantes Et Argus 2-
183.Zee Kek HengLeopard yawning-
184.Barbara Schmidtbatman everywhere-
185.Lewis K. Y. ChoiArgument 2-
186.Shaohua Fangcrane-
187.Yvonne MouleLemur-
188.Zhimin ZhangI am coming-
189.Zhimin Zhangtarget locked-
190.Herdis Halvas-NielsenAfrican Jacana running-
191.Herdis Halvas-NielsenTwo dripping Ice Bears-
192.Roseline DupeuxPlumes en vrac-
193.Roseline DupeuxProfil grue couronnée-
194.Volker MeinbergFish Islands Antarctica 08-
195.Amani AlqahtaniSilence-
196.Janos DanisQuarrel Rollers-
197.Poul HeltEvening hygge-
198.Poul HeltIn a number of-
199.Jozef AertsFamily of tortoises-
200.Jozef AertsShadow canyonlands-
201.Sebastian KuczynskiSwans-
202.Malcolm JenkinApple Home-
203.Ahmed Mohamed HassanBaby Elephant-
204.Norman JohnsonEyes Hooked on Something-
205.Norman JohnsonGeyser at Sunset-
206.Alexander HochhausPieris brassicae at camomile-
207.Roald SynnevaagPuffin and his shadow-
208.Sugiarto WidodoGARY the Snail -
209.Giap Chiu TeoDuck Family Two-
210.Giap Chiu TeoFive Monkey No Four-
211.Wunna Winbutterfly with flower-
212.Grace LeeQuokka-2-
213.Jose Manuel Gonzalezwater land-
214.Minh Nguyen78887-21575-23455-
215.Ivan MiksikElk at Poland-
216.Ivan MiksikEuropean bison-
217.Joylene May Lee-ArcherRed Capped Robin-
218.Basudeb ChakrabortyWILD BEAR OF RANTHAMBORE-
219.Wil Van NisselroyLeader-
220.Manfred PillikZwei Feuerquallen-
221.Jiangchuan Tonghunting 01.jpg-
222.Than SintIn time for lunch -
223.Terry DickersonAn Egret Walks-
224.Naing Linn TunReef Pattern-
225.Naing Linn TunSwans-
226.Barbara JenkinStriped Legs-
227.David WoodthorpeAsian Otter Family-
228.David WoodthorpeOne Horned Rhino and Six Birds-
229.Angela PoggioniMaking Space For Two-
230.Jasmin SuljanovicTerase-
231.Fabio Sartoriairway for ants-
232.Fabio Sartoriameles spallanzania-
233.Xiaomei XuGrasses know the strength-
234.Vincenzo Di PanfiloBasalt isle-
235.Anitha MysoreOWE in queue-
236.Marc AnagnostidisAccouplement De Mantes-
237.Zee Kek HengGolden lions family-
238.Lewis K. Y. ChoiSunset Rocks-
239.Mustafa EvirgenLove is Everywhere-
240.Mustafa EvirgenZipzip-
241.Cyril MazanskyAlligators and Egrets-
242.Moshe GeizlerGlossy Ibis Flying-
243.Herdis Halvas-NielsenBiting wolves-
244.Herdis Halvas-NielsenTwo Brown Bear cubs playing-
245.Roseline DupeuxAmour en coeur-
246.Janos DanisRoller with Pray-
247.Poul HeltPilicans-
248.Poul HeltThe red toboggan-
249.Owen CochraneEyelashes-
250.Owen CochraneFlying in-
251.Owen CochraneThe nest builder-
252.Jan-Thomas StakeP Aristotelis 1349-
253.Jan-Thomas StakeSunset 6508-
254.Ahmed Mohamed HassanContrast-
255.Asbjorn M OlsenSeagulls 2-
256.Pascalis BennedictFlower Snail V2-
257.Norman JohnsonTreed Cougar-
258.Thinh NguyenBald eagle 2-
259.Gabriele DellanaveOxbow Bend-
260.Goutam Kumar DuttaALERT BIRD-
262.Boo Sum Robert ChoyBird's Talk-
264.Jose Manuel Gonzalezthe beach-
265.Ivan MiksikSwan flying over the weir-
266.Basudeb ChakrabortyRED YELLOW BUTTERFLY-
267.Wil Van NisselroyAutumn 1-
268.Wil Van NisselroyBurned Tree-
271.Jiangchuan TongGrowl.jpg-
272.Than SintFeed -
273.Than SintZitting Cisticola -
274.Terry DickersonEvening Outing-
275.Terry DickersonYellow rumped Warble on a twig-
276.Shuvashis SahaJackal watching-
277.Hein HtetHarmony with nature 09-
278.Barbara JenkinRose Hip Forage-
279.Jill LamGood Catch-
280.Jill LamHawk Owl Enjoying Prey-
281.Maria MazoOsprey having a bath-
282.Maria MazoThe gift-
283.David WoodthorpeCrested Tit on Lichen-
284.Miranda SiuAURORA SHOW-
285.Miranda SiuSEE ME FLY-
286.Kerry BoytellA Snowys Meal in Sight-
287.Jose Luis UrbaitelCascada burbujeante-
288.Jose Luis UrbaitelOjo con reflejos-
289.Jose Luis UrbaitelZigzagueante Pocitos-
290.Fabio SartoriNight creature-
291.Ian LedgardBedraggled sparrowhawk-
292.Vincenzo Di PanfiloSmall volcano-
293.Vincenzo Di PanfiloSolfatara-
294.Zee Kek HengBubbling alone-
295.Cristian DonosProud Puffin-
296.Lisa LawBelenois Java-
297.Yvonne MouleBalanced-
298.Cyril MazanskyBlack Crowned Night Heron 1-
299.Moshe GeizlerGrey Heron Fishing-
300.Moshe GeizlerThree Mallards-
301.Volker MeinbergKodiak Bald Eagle 08-
302.Dee LangevinEgret Faceoff-
303.Janos DanisBuzzard Mirror-
304.Janos DanisHeron Bathing-
305.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriMY SWEET CATCH -
306.Jan-Thomas StakeWolf 0113-
307.Ahmed Mohamed HassanFinally-
308.Andrew HaynesEurasian Stork-
309.Jan MarhulikSTUMPS-
310.Roald SynnevaagA green world-
311.Goutam Kumar DuttaLAST SUPPER FOR THE DAY-
312.Grace LeeSea Puppy2_sea-lion-
313.Vicki MoritzBrown wren cuddle-
314.Joylene May Lee-ArcherHawk-
315.Aye Chan Myat ThuSpider Web-
316.Sanat Kumar KarmakarLAKE GURUDONGMAR-
317.Manfred PillikGruener Ruesselkaefer-
318.Than SintBlue throated bee eater -
319.Terry DickersonGathering Food-
320.Shuvashis SahaColours of nature 1-
321.Shuvashis SahaColours of nature 3-
322.Barbara JenkinSweet Apple Mouse-
323.Jill LamBossy Loon Baby-
324.Maria MazoMorning bath-
325.Michael BraunsteinBath's Coral Blenny-
326.Michael BraunsteinFruit bat-
327.Michael BraunsteinPigeon-
328.Thanh Vu46380-99505-41357-
329.Angela PoggioniAngels In The Wild-
330.Vincenzo Di PanfiloRed line-
331.Lisa LawCrocodylus Acutus Costa Rica-
332.Lewis K. Y. ChoiIn The Air 10-
333.Yvonne MouleButcher bird-
334.Yvonne MouleOn the move-
335.Cyril MazanskyOsprey About to Fly 1-
336.Volker MeinbergHelgoland Gannets 2014-
337.Daniel MaukoPath along the tree-
338.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriEYES OF PREY AND PREDATOR 3-
339.Jeff McDonaldWest Mitten Dawn Op 1518-
340.Sebastian KuczynskiFlowers 1-
341.Sebastian KuczynskiGreen see-
342.Rob Boehlesperwer jong-
343.Pascalis BennedictSnail Reflections-
344.Jan MarhulikPOLONINS 10-
345.Jan MarhulikSPIDER LIGHT-
346.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaArbejuelo deteriorado-
347.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaGlaciar de Briksdal-
348.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaLas casitas-
349.Alexander HochhausDemoiselle-
350.Alexander HochhausGreen little monsters-
351.Sugiarto WidodoStrong Wave -
352.Giap Chiu TeoPIINK FLOWER Nine-
353.Wunna Winspider alone-
354.Vicki MoritzBee dance-
355.Ivan MiksikSwan and weir-
356.Wolfgang SchwedenAlways hungry 2-
357.Wolfgang SchwedenAtlantic Canary 4-
358.Heinz PeksRaupe1-
359.Sanat Kumar KarmakarJOG FALLS KARNATAKA-
360.Jean-Claude PailleAigrette branchée-
361.Jean-Claude PailleChenille Pudibonde-
362.Peter TeuschelAutumn colors-
363.Peter TeuschelDanger from above-
364.Peter TeuschelIn the early sun-
365.Miranda SiuSANDSTONE-
366.Nay LinFlying Together-
367.David NorrisButchers Perch-
368.David NorrisDew Drops-
369.Markham MailHouse spider-
370.Markham MailOrbweb spider-
371.Ian LedgardHoneysuckle-
372.Ian LedgardLeaf fall-
373.Chin Leong TeoMating Damselfly 7-
374.Kjersti Holstgreylag geese under the rainbow-
375.Zee Kek HengScratching my head-
376.Lee Eng TanYuanyang misty view 1-
377.Barbara SchmidtGrapsus grapsus 01-
378.Lisa LawBusy Bee-
379.Volker MeinbergSkua and Adelie Penguin 01-
380.Vasilis KazepidisFrogs No 05-
381.Phillip KwanPolar Dance 35-
382.Gottfried CataniaArgiope Wrapping Prey-
383.Asim Kumar Chaudhurigreat catch 4-
384.Jozef AertsNatuurpracht-
385.Sebastian KuczynskiMewa-
386.Rob Boehleen weg met de vis nu-
387.Asbjorn M OlsenOystercatcher-
388.Andrew HaynesRed Eye-
389.Jan MarhulikMOONLIGHT-
390.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaCascada de Puentedey-
391.Alexander HochhausForage-
392.Sugiarto WidodoMisty Hill-
393.Giap Chiu Teoeating the meat elven-
394.Goutam Kumar DuttaLOVE MAKING-
395.Minh Nguyen63336-17654-74886-
396.Aye Chan Myat ThuPeacock-
397.Aye Chan Myat ThuThunder To The Earth-
398.Jiangchuan TongGreen Peacock-
400.Yuet Yee WongTHREE GUARDS-
401.Shuvashis SahaGreen Backed Tit with a catch 6-
402.Peter TeuschelDream a dream-
403.Ian Ledgardseeking shelter-
404.Vasilis KazepidisInsects 02-
405.Owen CochraneRaindrops-
406.Milos KaraklicAnd this is heaven-
407.Milos KaraklicFog on Kablar-
408.Milos KaraklicPine and fog-
409.Rob BoehleSundew at its best-
410.Ahmed Mohamed HassanMoon Light-
411.Andrew HaynesHome to Roost-
412.Wolfgang SchwedenBlack-headed Gulls 1-
413.Arne AnderssonDovre-
414.Billion LimJUST TURN-
415.Thanh Vu75924-38462-59923-
416.Lewis K. Y. ChoiHappy Hour 2-
417.Pasquale VitaleCOCCINELLA-
418.Vasilis KazepidisFauna 01-
419.Vasilis KazepidisInsects 04-
420.Valery KorenchukVegetarian breakfast-
421.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriMATING OF BUTTERFLY 50A-
422.Jozef AertsIndische gansen-
423.Jeff McDonaldMilkweed in Sun Op 1641-
424.Milos KaraklicBirch1-
425.Rob BoehleKingfisher in Gebrook-
426.Grace LeeQuokka-4-
427.Basudeb ChakrabortyFROGS DUO-
428.Basudeb ChakrabortyTHE HEAVEN ON EARTH-
429.Heinz PeksFliegenpilz-
430.Michael J DukeClimbing Berries-
431.Michael J DukeMigrating Pigeons-
432.Arne AnderssonCampanula-
433.Billion LimERECT 1325-
434.Valery KorenchukForce of life-2-
435.Valery KorenchukForest silence-
436.Jeff McDonaldOlesons Web Op 1660-
437.Michael J DukeBranching Out From The Monkey Tree-
438.Michael J DukePoking out from the greenery-
439.Arne AnderssonLavatera Trimetris 3-
440.Arne AnderssonOrmbunke-
441.Jeff McDonaldMilkweed Pod and Seeds at Sunrise-
442.Andrew HaynesDiving for Lunch-
443.Daniel MaukoBales-
444.Daniel MaukoBoat-
445.Daniel MaukoGifts of autumn-

#AuthorPhoto titleStatusAwards
1.Cristian DonosFreestyle SkateboarderAWPCA HM
3.Cristian DonosFreestyle FMX Jump no 31AW
6.Alexander HochhausShoetimeAWPCA Silver
7.Heinz PeksSekarAWPCA Bronze
8.Ching Ching ChanThe Goat LadyAWPCA HM
9.Shuvashis SahaTogetherness 11AWPCA HM
10.Dilip PatelMother LoveAWSALON Gold
11.Daniel MaukoAcrobat 1AWSALON Silver
12.Betty ChanBull Rider 1569AWSALON Bronze
13.Jin Huat YeohChildren and Tyres 63AWGP PCA Gold medals
14.Dilip PatelMist in Golden LightAW
15.Arun MohanrajRUNAW
17.Betty ChanEight Seconds of DangerAW
18.Amani AlqahtaniKnightAWPCA HM
19.Jayatu Chandra DasPORT 9581AWPCA HM
20.Benjamin HendrenSkateAWPCA HM
21.Manfred PillikEingesperrtAWSALON HM
22.Thanh VuQuyet lietAWSALON HM
23.Anitha MysoreThe godman and the gullAWSALON HM
24.Mustafa EvirgenKomurAWADRIATIC Diploma
25.Gottfried CataniaLunchtimeAWADRIATIC Diploma
26.Arun MohanrajUPSIDE DOWNAW
27.Manfred PillikUeber dem ReckAW
28.Aye Chan Myat ThuPottery SellersAWADRIATIC Diploma
29.Bob ChiuTribal class 3AWADRIATIC Diploma
30.Nay LinWater Carry In RiverAWADRIATIC Diploma
31.Vincenzo Di PanfiloWindowsAWSALON Diploma
32.Lewis K. Y. ChoiPassing Out 2AWSALON Diploma
33.Ching Ching ChanStruggle for Own SpaceAW
34.Dilip PatelTribulationAW
35.Amani AlqahtaniDeparture and arrivalAW
36.Heinz PeksOblatusAW
38.Ching Ching ChanHappy HarvestAW
39.Kerry BoytellRacing with EaglesAWSALON Diploma
40.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriCLASSROOM TEACHING 1AWSALON Diploma
41.Than SintHappy Vendor AWSALON Diploma
42.Florentino Molero GutierrezPaycar rayadaAWPCA Diploma
43.Ronald WilsonFIREFIGHT 2AWPCA Diploma
44.Danlei YeThe jewish community21AWPCA Diploma
45.Jose Manuel Gonzalezsunset thoughtsAWPCA Diploma
46.Lewis K. Y. ChoiStair Pose 2AW
47.Jayatu Chandra DasRAGEAW
48.Alexander HochhausEntanglementAW
49.Heinz PeksEin Schluck WasserAW
50.Manfred PillikBarbarossoAW
51.Manfred PillikEntschlossenAW
52.Amani AlqahtaniBoyAW
53.Yuet Yee WongCHOOSINGAW
54.Gottfried CataniaSeamstressAW
55.David NorrisBay of FireAWPCA Diploma
56.Chin Leong TeoBamboo Grove 1AWPCA Diploma
57.Moshe GeizlerRussian NunAWPCA Diploma
58.Volker MeinbergMaster Pieces 03AWPCA Diploma
59.Sugiarto WidodoX Junction AWPCA Diploma
60.Mustafa EvirgenRoad to StationAW
61.Ching Ching ChanClimbs And JumpsAW
62.Vincenzo Di PanfiloLa figlia di CharlieAW
63.Lewis K. Y. ChoiRed Fish 4AW
64.Jayatu Chandra DasSPIKEAW
65.Shirish JhaveriDEITY 1AWADRIATIC Diploma
66.Ika CahyawatiPacu JawiAWADRIATIC Diploma
67.Jean-Claude PailleLast jump in redAWSALON Diploma
68.Thinh NguyenMorning departureAWPCA Diploma
69.Herdis Halvas-NielsenLot of beadsAWPCA Diploma
70.Yvonne MouleBlack vaseAWPCA Diploma
71.Sebastian KuczynskiHappy 1AWPCA Diploma
72.Jayatu Chandra DasGOLDRUSHAW
73.Dilip PatelAll Honour To Our LordAW
74.Amani AlqahtaniFriendshipAW
75.Mustafa EvirgenCloacksAW
76.Benjamin HendrenRageAW
77.Danlei YeIn Amazon rainforest1AW
78.Gottfried CataniaCity of Arts and Sciences 20AW
79.Basudeb ChakrabortyCONFINEMENTAW
80.Wolfgang HabringerRousanou 03AWSALON Diploma
81.Herdis Halvas-NielsenMursi woman with big hornsAW
82.Kerry BoytellNovak DjokovicAW
83.Valery KorenchukStreet painter-5AW
84.Herdis Halvas-NielsenKara boysAW
85.Ika CahyawatiFighting Chicken AW
86.Jan-Thomas StakeElias 7108AW
87.Gabriele DellanaveBlue IceAW
88.Vasilis KazepidisMaria No 19AWADRIATIC Diploma
89.Fabio SartorieyeAWADRIATIC Diploma
90.Andy Cheunghorse21AWADRIATIC Diploma
91.Asbjorn M OlsenCarrying saltAWSALON Diploma
92.Wunna Winpagoda entrance walkingAWSALON Diploma
93.Jill LamToronto Night SkyAWPCA Diploma
94.Wolfgang HabringerOchsenkreuz 10AW
96.Vincenzo Di PanfiloWitch mountainAW
97.Hein HtetRed ribbon girl 06AWADRIATIC Diploma
98.Benjamin HendrenSuppressionAW
100.Moshe GeizlerThe MonkAW
101.Milos KaraklicEvening on the lakeAWSALON Diploma
102.Gabriele DellanaveDancing with the WavesAW
103.Christine WoolgarInto OblivionAW
104.Fabio SartoriCathedralAW
105.Asbjorn M OlsenYoung nunAW
106.Jean Claude BacleJet a EnghienAW
108.Vasilis KazepidisHonorary guards 14AW
109.Cristian DonosPalouse Waves 2AW
110.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriSHOE KEEPER 2AW
111.Heinz PeksFaerbereiEX
112.Bob ChiuSuckEX
113.Shuvashis SahaPlaying with little brother 1EX
114.Shuvashis SahaTogetherness 4EX
115.Florentino Molero GutierrezEl reflejo de AsturiasEX
116.Benjamin HendrenPowerEX
117.Hein HtetThe sellersEX
118.Naing Linn TunBlacksmithEX
119.Naing Linn TunNovices and old treesEX
120.Jill LamCompetitive Moment 28EX
121.Maria MazoMorning glowEX
122.David WoodthorpeBeauty and The BeastEX
123.Peter TeuschelStarlingEX
126.Christine WoolgarGentle August MornEX
128.Jose Luis UrbaitelLas paisanitas y el galloEX
129.Nay LinWalkingEX
130.Nay LinWater FestivalEX
131.Xiaomei XuThe Tiger GodEX
132.Chin Leong TeoMaiko Balls 1EX
133.Chin Leong TeoY Crossing 1EX
134.Vincenzo Di PanfiloBabe in redEX
135.Anitha MysoreThe promiseEX
136.Kjersti Holsthighway to heavenEX
137.H. W. ChanStampede CS36EX
138.Lee Eng TanEagle Hunter Family 7EX
139.Lee Eng TanNicole Yee Yee 1EX
140.Lee Eng TanSarah 9EX
141.Mustafa EvirgenPristineEX
142.Herdis Halvas-NielsenTwo ArabiansEX
143.Roseline DupeuxBouquet automnalEX
144.Pasquale VitaleLOVEEX
147.Daniel MaukoChapel, ChurchEX
148.Janos DanisCrossroadsEX
149.Poul HeltChileEX
150.Poul HeltFogEX
151.Jozef AertsHazy womanEX
152.Owen CochraneCaution - slippery when wetEX
153.Owen CochraneTattered by the windEX
154.Jan-Thomas StakeMalin 0085EX
155.Jan-Thomas StakeNina red lips 7994EX
156.Sebastian KuczynskiLinesEX
157.Sebastian KuczynskiSeiserm Alm 1EX
158.Malcolm JenkinArchitecture USAEX
159.Malcolm JenkinMaking an ImpressionEX
160.Malcolm JenkinRope Lady 4EX
161.Ahmed Mohamed HassanHazardEX
162.Pascalis BennedictBoston MuseumEX
163.Pascalis BennedictNYC SunsetEX
164.Hanxin LiPopulus diversifolia2EX
165.Thinh NguyenField at dawnEX
166.Alexander HochhausDream of LibertyEX
167.Wolfgang HabringerHongkong 71EX
168.Jean Claude BacleSanta MagdalenaEX
169.Giap Chiu TeoCeana Goh Pei ThirteenEX
170.Goutam Kumar DuttaFISHING ALONEEX
171.Boo Sum Robert ChoySerious TeacherEX
172.Vicki MoritzRichard Anzac dayEX
173.Jose Manuel GonzalezstillnessEX
174.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiCat with red scarf girlEX
175.Mei Fong TamWadi RumEX
176.Aye Chan Myat ThuPraying BuddhaEX
177.Aye Chan Myat ThuReading NoviceEX
178.Jiangchuan TongThe peacock and the beauty.jpg-
179.Than SintColorful umbrellas -
180.Than SintJakarta Night -
181.Bob ChiuMorocco11-
182.Shuvashis SahaTogetherness 5-
183.Florentino Molero GutierrezLauras-
184.Hein HtetLotus Pickers 07-
185.Naing Linn TunThe Old Lady and Cat-
186.Barbara JenkinClarice Happy-
187.Barbara JenkinFun Day Out-
188.Maria MazoMilford Sound-
189.David WoodthorpeGraffiti Painter-
191.Christine WoolgarSeptember Sunrise-
192.Kerry BoytellFrozen Waterfall-
193.Nay LinCome Back-
194.David NorrisForeshore Rocks-
195.Myat Ko KoSingapore Night-
196.Ian LedgardArmories tower-
197.Jin Huat YeohPush Harder my Friends 3-
198.Xiaomei XuSpecial transportation-
199.Anitha MysoreIdyllic-
200.Anitha MysoreMagical Louvre-
201.Mohamed Tazi ChertiMOROCCAN ART-
202.Mohamed Tazi ChertiTHE MASTER-
203.Cristian Donos Vestrahorn 9-
204.Ronald WilsonLIGHT DANCER 1-
205.Yvonne MoulePink blossom-
206.Moshe GeizlerBlue Eyes-
207.Moshe GeizlerColourful Face-
208.Ika CahyawatiTouch Down-
209.Volker MeinbergIqaluit Nunavut 19-
210.Daniel MaukoStairs to heaven-
211.Vasilis KazepidisPair in love in Paris-
212.Valery KorenchukGrand daughter of Soldier-
213.Valery KorenchukPursuit-11-
214.Janos DanisAwesome Dance-
215.Janos DanisSmoker-
216.Poul HeltMorning in the harbour-
217.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriLOVE TO DANCE-
218.Jozef AertsPiano near stairs-
219.Owen CochraneStill smokin-
220.Sebastian Kuczynski70154-41038-88190-
221.Milos KaraklicAnchored-
222.Malcolm JenkinDancing Pair 2-
223.Rob BoehleJulia opt Benkske-
224.Ahmed Mohamed HassanFit-
225.Asbjorn M OlsenDi opera dance-
226.Asbjorn M OlsenPractise arguments-
227.Hanxin LiBeing graceful4-
228.Hanxin LiBeing graceful9-
229.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaSubo todos los días-
230.Roald SynnevaagRunning in Oslo-
231.Roald SynnevaagThe Blacksmith 4-
232.Wolfgang HabringerLangbathsee 59-
233.Betty ChanDog Sled M145-
234.Sugiarto WidodoSalted Fish Processing -
235.Jean Claude BacleHandi run line-
236.Wunna Winjumping into river-
237.Wunna Winschool leaving-
238.Goutam Kumar DuttaLOST GIRL-
239.Boo Sum Robert ChoyMaintain the Lead-
240.Grace Lee Twilight at Cave_Cathedral Rocks-
241.Jose Manuel Gonzalezlives-
242.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiIs this eye-
243.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiThe last meal-
244.Mei Fong TamPetra by Night-
245.Minh Nguyen31530-23928-88916-
246.Minh Nguyen60213-73708-11014-
247.Ivan MiksikAutumn at Moravian Tuscany-
248.Ivan MiksikAutumn at Prague-
249.Ivan MiksikMoravian walve-
250.Wolfgang SchwedenAn der Graft 1-
251.Wolfgang SchwedenVogelzug 1 C-
252.Kai ZhengBeach rhythm.jpg-
253.Kai Zhengforaging.jpg-
254.Sanat Kumar KarmakarTHE SAINT OF KAMODGIRI-
255.Than SintLife with water -
256.Bob ChiuPolice in Israel7-
257.Hein HtetGoing to festival-
258.Jean-Claude Paille34440-98126-46878-
259.Jean-Claude PailleLa môme aux boutons-
260.Barry WongDance Like a Flower-
261.Barry WongTraditional Chinese Opera-
262.Barbara JenkinThinking Feathers-
263.Barbara JenkinWild Dreamer-
264.Maria MazoOn the riverbank-
265.Maria MazoSunrise-
266.David Woodthorpe3-2-1 Landing-
267.David WoodthorpeEiffel Tower Night-
268.Arne AnderssonLilian In Folk Costume-
269.Michael BraunsteinFisherman at Sanur sunrise-
270.Billion LimWET CLOTHES-
271.Thanh VuVa luoi-
272.Thanh VuThu hoach Muoi-
273.Thanh VuVu khuc truoc bien-
274.Shirish JhaveriUNKAHI-
275.David NorrisThe Green House-
276.David NorrisWebb Bridge-
277.Jasmin SuljanovicCerkev-
278.Jasmin SuljanovicNa privezu-
279.Fabio SartoriBoccale Castle-
280.Fabio SartoriVal D'Orcia-
281.Jin Huat YeohPaddy Planting 6-
282.Xiaomei XuHard work for next harvest-
283.Zee Kek HengWhy shy-
284.H. W. ChanWave flowing 04-
285.Lee Eng TanTribal Lady 21-
286.Lisa LawMasked Lady-
287.Lisa LawThe Boiler Man-
288.Lisa LawWe Will Remember Them-
289.Lewis K. Y. ChoiGoing Home 6-
290.Cyril MazanskyLeading the Horses by the Mountain-
291.Cyril MazanskyRamon 3-
292.Roseline DupeuxPivoines-
293.Roseline DupeuxRetour vers le futur-
294.Roseline DupeuxSix grayhounds-
295.Volker MeinbergThe Palouse 10-
296.Daniel MaukoHello-
297.Phillip KwanBaliem Dance 52-
298.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriForesight-
299.Jozef AertsColourful bikes-
301.Owen CochraneBefore sunrise-
302.Andy Cheungscenery86-
303.Milos KaraklicFishermen-
304.Ahmed Mohamed HassanBlue Gloves-
305.Ahmed Mohamed HassanDoctor-
306.Norman JohnsonAsleep in the Saddle-
307.Norman JohnsonTetons Morning Clouds-
308.Hanxin LiNature power1-
309.Alexander HochhausClouded-
310.Betty ChanMotoX Cornering 023-
311.Sugiarto WidodoStalking -
312.Sugiarto WidodoTower Over the Cloud -
313.Jean Claude BacleAxel a Mitry-
314.Gabriele DellanaveVenice Carnival-
315.Giap Chiu TeoBambi Teo Eng Eng two-
316.Goutam Kumar DuttaFINISHING TOUCH-
317.Boo Sum Robert ChoySunset in Vancouver C-
318.Vicki MoritzTed shearing-
319.Jose Manuel Gonzalezthe boat-
320.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiMoon on the wall-
321.Wolfgang SchwedenMary mit Hut 2-
322.Joylene May Lee-ArcherSunrise-
323.Kai Zhengmagic walts.jpg-
324.Kai ZhengYuanyang Terrace.jpg-
325.Basudeb ChakrabortyADINA MYSTRY-
326.Basudeb ChakrabortyANGEL ON EARTH-
327.Aye Chan Myat ThuBagan Culture-
328.Terry DickersonEmpty in the Woods-
329.Terry DickersonTower Moon-
330.Florentino Molero GutierrezAlfombra magica-
331.Jill LamFirework at Woodbine Beach-
332.Peter TeuschelGreed-
333.Peter TeuschelPoisonous harvest-
334.Arne Andersson14 Days Before-
336.Michael BraunsteinGolden Temple-
337.Kerry BoytellAfter Covid 19-
338.Holger BueckerEisbrecher - Eiszeit-
339.Jose Luis UrbaitelCerveza y faso-
340.Shirish JhaveriKHWAB-
341.Myat Ko KoEsplanade Theatres-
342.Ian LedgardAutumn trees Myddfai-
343.Jin Huat YeohPaddy Planting 53-
344.Kjersti Holston the road again-
345.Barbara SchmidtMetro 02-
346.Barbara SchmidtMusikkens Hus 01-
347.Barbara SchmidtPipe organ-
348.Ronald WilsonBUGGY 3 WC-
349.Shaohua FangBig family-
350.Cyril MazanskyMarijn at a Fast Gallop 2-
351.Zhimin Zhangmirror of sky-
352.Rosemary MiklitschA Breath of Color-
353.Ika CahyawatiSalt Farmer-
354.Shahid SharafuddinCyclist in Motion 3-
355.Pasquale VitaleCUBA-
356.Danlei YeTravel to Central Asia16-
357.Phillip KwanGreat Gray Owl 92-
358.Phillip KwanRock and Wave 31-
359.Gottfried CataniaM-
360.Andy CheungHui'an women13-
361.Milos KaraklicAutumn on the mountain-
362.Rob BoehleLissa Meijel-
363.Rob Boehlevolets exterieurs Ambleteuse-
364.Pascalis BennedictHanging out-
365.Pascalis BennedictTurtle Selfie-
366.Andrew HaynesHarbour View-
368.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaPor los callejones azules-
369.Gabriele DellanaveDanskoya Mountains-
370.Giap Chiu TeoAislin Tan Pei in Black-
371.Wunna Winheaven walker-
372.Grace LeeMr. Fu Fairyland-
373.Vicki MoritzPoint Ritchie evening wave-
374.Mei Fong TamSapientia-
375.Mei Fong TamSunset at the Old Town-
376.Minh Nguyen54980-24080-88858-
377.Wolfgang SchwedenRockig 1-
378.Joylene May Lee-ArcherAlone at last-
379.Joylene May Lee-ArcherSunset-
380.Wil Van NisselroyRelax living-
381.Wil Van NisselroySwimmingpool-
382.Sanat Kumar KarmakarTHE PATH OF PILGRIMS-
383.Jiangchuan TongUnder the snow mountain.jpg-
384.Michael J DukeSign of the times-
385.Michael J DukeThe Library Reader-
386.Jean-Claude PailleCaba;énas de Serveto-
387.Gary ShinnerArtistic Night at the Science Park-
388.Gary ShinnerForgotten Farm -
389.Barry WongThe Art of Ballet-
390.Barry WongThe Nutcracker-
391.Peter TeuschelThe gentle touch-
392.Arne AnderssonNadja With Drone-
393.Arne AnderssonPhotographer Nadja-
394.Billion LimOLD MAMA-
395.Jose Luis UrbaitelTres arboles rojos-
396.Ian LedgardGoldilocks-
397.Chin Leong TeoBlue Insularis 12-
398.Zee Kek HengMerlion at MB-
399.H. W. ChanCheetah C31-
400.H. W. ChanMaking of Beancurd sheet 22-
401.Mohamed Tazi ChertiNO FISHING-
402.Mohamed Tazi ChertiYELLOW HOUSE-
403.Barbara SchmidtSan Quirico Orcia 04-
404.Shaohua FangDuel-
405.Shaohua Fangfly back home-
406.Yvonne MouleLife is a bowl of cherries-
407.Yvonne MouleSolo-
408.Cyril MazanskyMount Sneffels Foliage 1-
409.Volker MeinbergArches NP 04-
410.Shahid SharafuddinCyclist in Motion 2-
411.Dee LangevinAbove the Lake-
412.Dee LangevinSmokies Dawn-
413.Vasilis KazepidisCave of lakes 02-
414.Valery KorenchukBalinese silhouettes-
415.Danlei YeChild portrait15-
416.Janos DanisHomeward-
417.Poul HeltWhere is the bridge-
418.Jozef AertsArt wtih two bikers-
419.Katie MakBRYCE CANYON-
420.Katie MakCHERISH-
421.Jeff McDonaldMorning Paper-
422.Andy CheungIn Xiapu6-
423.Rob BoehleHeliostaat-
424.Norman JohnsonStaying Close to Mom-
425.Andrew HaynesTears of War-
426.Jan MarhulikCOLORS DINNER-
427.Giap Chiu TeoAafreeda Thirty three-
428.Boo Sum Robert ChoyLightning in City A-
429.Vicki MoritzCuban night abstract2-
430.Minh Nguyen44423-63861-52600-
431.Basudeb ChakrabortyWATER SHADES-
432.Sanat Kumar KarmakarHOLI HO-
433.Sanat Kumar KarmakarHUNGRY MAN-
434.Jiangchuan TongLook back.jpg-
435.Terry DickersonIndustrial Moon-
436.Terry DickersonMoon Glow-
437.Gary ShinnerPontsticill Reservoir 3-
438.Gary ShinnerVisitors to the bay gardens-
439.Michael BraunsteinMandarin fishes mating-
440.Michael BraunsteinRoesette spoonbill-
441.Billion LimFLIES ON THE HEAD-
442.Holger BueckerNew City Hall Hannover-
443.Holger BueckerWide Open Beak-
444.Jose Luis UrbaitelCebandole a Chope-
445.Donald DedonatoUtah Capitol Arches-
446.Jasmin SuljanovicOna-
447.Xiaomei XuAll the way-
448.Kjersti Holstlandscape tranquility-
449.Zee Kek HengDancing with dragon-
450.Zee Kek HengOn the balance-
451.Shaohua Fangair supremacy-
452.Zhimin Zhangbe frightened-
453.Zhimin Zhangbomber-
454.Rosemary MiklitschHomage-
455.Dee LangevinAnt on Peony -
456.Dee LangevinPatagonian Sunrise-
457.Jan-Thomas StakeWild west 7721-
458.Jeff McDonaldPalmer House Study 1747-
459.Norman JohnsonPolar Bear Portrait-
460.Andrew HaynesBarmouth Bridge-
461.Andrew HaynesWindow Shopping-
462.Jan MarhulikCASTLE RESCUE-
464.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaInquietantes-
465.Roald SynnevaagTaxi driver-
466.Roald SynnevaagWet desember 2018-
467.Grace LeeGrace in Swirl-1-
468.Grace LeeMoonrise at Cave_Cathedral Rocks-
469.Jiangchuan TongTake a rest.jpg-
470.Michael J DukeA Day Out In Dorset-
471.Michael J DukeCowes High Street in the rain-
472.Naing Linn TunSpider-
473.Christine WoolgarSunset Reflections on Islay-
474.Holger BueckerFury Car Concert 1-
475.Shirish JhaveriPATHTHAR KI MURAT-
476.Angela PoggioniInquisitive Eagle Alaska-
477.Angela PoggioniMy Turn-
478.Myat Ko KoFly-
479.Myat Ko KoLittle Butterfly-
480.Jasmin SuljanovicPismo-
481.Zhimin Zhangcrazy feet-
482.Shahid SharafuddinCyclist in Motion 1-
483.Shahid SharafuddinShadow of an Arch-
484.Phillip KwanProtest March 9-
485.Jeff McDonaldMitten Sunrise Op 1512-
486.Thinh NguyenAlone over the red sea-
487.Thinh NguyenAutumn day-
488.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaLa chica del paraguas rojo-
489.Ivan MiksikBug view on the sky-
490.Joylene May Lee-ArcherHelping Hand-
491.Wil Van NisselroyNew planet-
492.Wil Van NisselroySummer Snow-
493.Donald DedonatoExploding Milkweed Pods-
494.Donald DedonatoFocused Hawk-
495.Donald DedonatoLooking Glass Waterfall-
496.Angela PoggioniThe Last Pair Of Sika Deer-
497.Jeff McDonaldRefractions Op 1671-
498.Angela PoggioniRed Fox Surviving Harsh Winter-
499.Ian LedgardWooden eyes-
500.Kjersti Holstleaves-
501.Lisa LawQuest for Survival-
502.Markham MailGalloping clydesdales-
503.Markham MailJazz quintet-
504.Markham MailEscape-
505.Markham MailPrepared for pandemic-

#AuthorPhoto titleStatusAwards
1.Arun MohanrajWINNERAWPSA Gold
2.Amani AlqahtaniGenerationsAWPCA Gold
3.Billion LimJUST FIGHTAWPCA Silver
5.Ching Ching ChanA Tribal Woman NursingAWPCA Silver
6.Holger BueckerGraf Lindorf of CoppeliusAWGP PCA Gold medals
7.Amani AlqahtaniMan of PushkarAW
8.Arun MohanrajCLOSEAW
9.Ching Ching ChanMy Daily WorkAW
10.Jill LamMotorcycle Performance 1AWSALON Gold
11.Manfred PillikBereitAWSALON Silver
12.Betty ChanBumped OffAWSALON Bronze
13.Amani AlqahtaniHummer womenAW
14.Arun MohanrajPRECARIOUSAW
15.Thinh NguyenOld woman 3AWPCA HM
16.Phillip KwanWheelchair Rugby 80AWPCA HM
18.Hein HtetOffering lotus flowerAWPCA HM
19.Jean Claude BacleCordee au mont BlancAWPCA HM
20.Grace LeeSurf BabyAWPCA HM
21.Rob Boehleclosely watching StefansAWSALON HM
22.Shuvashis SahaStay homeAWSALON HM
23.Yuet Yee WongCOME AND GOAW
24.Chin Leong TeoThree Girls Sand Dune 3AWSALON HM
26.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiInnocenceAWADRIATIC Diploma
27.Than SintPottery people AWADRIATIC Diploma
28.Jiangchuan TongThe prairie night.jpgAWADRIATIC Diploma
29.Kerry BoytellExtraterestial NymphAWADRIATIC Diploma
30.Jayatu Chandra DasON YOUAW
31.Jean Claude BacleTrain indienAW
32.Manfred PillikSeitenblickAW
33.Chin Leong TeoY Crossing 3AW
34.Xiaomei XuCo workAWSALON Diploma
35.Lewis K. Y. ChoiAmazing GirlAWSALON Diploma
36.Malcolm JenkinRope Maiden 4AWSALON Diploma
37.Pascalis BennedictSewing GirlAWSALON Diploma
38.Jasmin SuljanovicTirolecAWSALON Diploma
39.Lee Eng TanEagle Herder 1AWPCA Diploma
40.Cristian DonosBrimham Rocks TreeAWPCA Diploma
41.Jeff McDonaldPoint Betsie ShorelineAWPCA Diploma
42.Jan MarhulikWAITINGAWPCA Diploma
43.Sugiarto WidodoOpa Lo AWPCA Diploma
44.Jose Manuel Gonzalezsilence landsAWPCA Diploma
45.Amani AlqahtaniChildhoodAW
46.Manfred PillikTamerlan TschutschaewAW
47.Jayatu Chandra DasPORT 9582AW
48.Thinh NguyenDeparture at dawnAW
49.Jean Claude BacleRopes successionAW
50.Dilip PatelCarer With GroupAWPCA Diploma
51.Ronald WilsonSECRETS BWAWPCA Diploma
52.Fabio SartoriTerrazza MascagniAWPCA Diploma
53.Yvonne MouleSleep timeAWPCA Diploma
54.Kai ZhengMoonlight.jpgAWPCA Diploma
55.Xiaomei XuBackbonesAW
56.Dilip PatelRays to LeadershipAW
57.Ching Ching ChanExcited to Head HomeAW
58.Dilip PatelHoly Rays MonoAW
59.Jayatu Chandra DasFORCEAW
60.Malcolm JenkinAthletic Dancers 2AW
61.Betty ChanDog Sled F151AW
62.Ching Ching ChanDeep EyeAW
63.Vincenzo Di PanfiloOcchiAWADRIATIC Diploma
64.Owen CochraneThe GrimaceAWSALON Diploma
65.Alexander HochhausFarawayAWPCA Diploma
66.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiRain timeAW
67.Cristian DonosVestrahorn 7AW
68.Ronald WilsonROUNDUP 8120 BWAW
69.Roseline DupeuxScotchéeAW
70.Malcolm JenkinTrapped InsideAW
71.Wolfgang HabringerSolitude 17AW
72.Nay LinNovice PrayAW
73.Xiaomei XuNever grow upAW
74.Jan-Thomas StakeFoxy lady 6241AW
75.Betty ChanBarrel Racer 92274AW
76.Jose Manuel Gonzalezice on sandAW
77.Holger BueckerNiklas Kahl of Lord of the LostAW
78.Shirish JhaveriANCIENT QUEEN 1AW
79.Ika CahyawatiCap Go MehAWSALON Diploma
80.Mustafa EvirgenBodyguardAW
81.Myat Ko KoGrand Mom And Her BodyguardAW
84.Gabriele DellanaveCome Over BabyAW
85.Jill LamScramble For FirstAW
86.Holger BueckerLots of DropsAW
87.Mustafa EvirgenSentimentAW
88.Vasilis KazepidisDervishes 02AW
89.Holger BueckerOld RichardAW
90.Chin Leong TeoFushimi 1AW
91.Thanh VuLop hoc tinh thuongAWADRIATIC Diploma
92.Shirish JhaveriSHINING STARAW
93.Nay LinUmbella WorkshopAW
94.Mustafa EvirgenPersonableAW
95.Fabio SartoriEugenioAW
96.Roseline Dupeux¨Paturage autrichienAW
97.Jozef AertsGlass for lookingAW
98.Alexander HochhausMoonlight shadowAW
99.Jose Manuel Gonzalezbreak silenceAW
100.Nay LinMaking PotteryAW
101.David NorrisMentone BayAWPCA Diploma
102.Fabio SartorisnowAW
103.Alexander HochhausYearningAW
104.Ahmed Mohamed HassanOld SmileAWSALON Diploma
105.Lisa LawNewborn InnocenceAW
106.Lewis K. Y. ChoiEarth And Sky 3AW
107.Florentino Molero GutierrezEn cintasAW
108.David NorrisBoathouseAW
109.Fabio Sartoriil moloAW
110.Shirish JhaveriASHROOAW
111.Xiaomei XuMother and her kidsEX
112.Chin Leong TeoTwo Bajau Girls on Boat 1EX
113.Anitha MysoreBlessingsEX
114.Anitha MysoreGhost manEX
115.Mohamed Tazi ChertiHASSAN II MOSQUEEX
116.Lee Eng TanNicole Yee Yee 5EX
117.Lee Eng TanPacu Jawi 4EX
118.Lee Eng TanPraveena 8EX
119.Cristian DonosGueirua BeachEX
120.Cristian DonosJamnik ChurchEX
121.Mustafa EvirgenEkmekciEX
122.Moshe GeizlerPriest and CandlesEX
123.Ika CahyawatiMorning in Bukit TinggiEX
124.Daniel MaukoSpiral downwards bwEX
125.Danlei YeChildren in Ethiopia4EX
126.Danlei YePutian in China19EX
127.Owen CochraneJust out of reachEX
128.Owen CochraneMr MacLeodEX
129.Jan-Thomas StakePower 7035EX
130.Asbjorn M OlsenBarberEX
131.Pascalis BennedictOn the Rocks LighthouseEX
132.Pascalis BennedictRice LadyEX
133.Hanxin LiNude Art3EX
134.Thinh NguyenAlone in the fieldEX
135.Andrew HaynesAutumn RevealEX
136.Andrew HaynesBeach RacersEX
137.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaEspejo grisEX
138.Wolfgang HabringerGuardia Svizzera 21EX
139.Wolfgang HabringerThe Way Down 23EX
140.Wunna Wingrandmother weavingEX
141.Vicki MoritzLamp holdersEX
142.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh HashemiStaticEX
143.Mei Fong TamShow TimeEX
144.Ivan MiksikEvening LightEX
145.Wolfgang SchwedenIn a row 1EX
146.Aye Chan Myat ThuInle AhlaEX
147.Aye Chan Myat ThuReturn To HomeEX
148.Heinz PeksHindi-PriesterEX
149.Heinz PeksJunge3EX
150.Than SintDawn EX
151.Than SintPottery oven EX
152.Bob ChiuMorocco41EX
154.Shuvashis SahaSukhtanEX
155.Hein HtetFisherman coupleEX
156.Naing Linn TunMaking DinnerEX
157.Barbara JenkinNetted SpotlightEX
158.Barbara JenkinWhite ButterflyEX
159.Maria MazoSymmetryEX
160.David WoodthorpeTibetan Toothless Old ManEX
162.Christine WoolgarAcrossEX
163.Christine WoolgarRestingEX
164.Michael BraunsteinMixed martial artsEX
166.Kerry BoytellHomeward BoundEX
167.Thanh VuLam sach san phamEX
168.Jose Luis UrbaitelArtesano de ArecoEX
169.Jose Luis UrbaitelBarco hundido y olasEX
170.Donald DedonatoTeton Pond With ReflectionEX
171.David NorrisFranks ReefEX
172.David NorrisThe MarkerEX
173.Vincenzo Di PanfiloHanoi streetEX
174.Anitha MysoreEast meets WestEX
175.Kjersti Holsta unique connectionEX
176.Kjersti Holstfriendship girl and dog-
177.Kjersti Holstthe emptiness of man-
178.H. W. ChanOblique shadow M03-
179.H. W. ChanPaddy Field 10-
180.Mohamed Tazi ChertiSERENITY-
181.Barbara SchmidtPortland Towers 01-
182.Lisa LawBehind Closed Hands-
183.Lewis K. Y. ChoiWave Coming-
184.Yvonne MouleSecret corner-
185.Roseline DupeuxLa pluie sur les marches-
186.Ika CahyawatiWaiting-
187.Volker MeinbergMelville Bay 30-
188.Shahid SharafuddinYYZ Sound Sculpture-
189.Pasquale VitaleABBRACCIO-
190.Pasquale VitaleIL SUONATORE-
191.Vasilis KazepidisMaria No 17-
192.Valery KorenchukAt bus station -
193.Valery KorenchukElder sister-6-
194.Valery KorenchukPortrait with shadow-
195.Gottfried CataniaCurves 2-
196.Jozef AertsZ33 harde schijven-
198.Jan-Thomas StakeBritt and shadow-
199.Andy CheungIn Xiapu17-
200.Andy Cheunglife3-
201.Milos KaraklicUnder the tarp-
202.Ahmed Mohamed HassanOld Tree BW-
203.Ahmed Mohamed HassanThe Cord-
204.Asbjorn M OlsenCraftmanship-
205.Asbjorn M OlsenFace tattooed-
206.Norman Johnsonball gets there first-
207.Hanxin LiPottery2-
208.Jan MarhulikCURIOSITY-
209.Jan MarhulikHELLO !-
210.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaEn la playa con las gaviotas-
211.Betty ChanDown The Slope 281-
212.Sugiarto WidodoMISTY LEMBANG VILLAGE -
213.Jean Claude BaclePromenade surveillee-
214.Gabriele DellanaveAntelope Canyon-
215.Wunna Winsix fishermen -
216.Goutam Kumar DuttaHAPPY END-
217.Boo Sum Robert ChoySuccessful Attack-
218.Grace LeeHorse whisperer 1-
219.Jose Manuel Gonzalez water sound-
220.Minh Nguyen40981-51734-27105-
221.Ivan MiksikInfrared pond with swans-
222.Ivan MiksikWood-
223.Wolfgang SchwedenBlick auf den Leuchtturm 1-
224.Kai ZhengLandscape painting.jpg-
225.Kai ZhengThe morning mist filled the air.jpg-
226.Basudeb ChakrabortyRAY OF HOPE-
227.Basudeb ChakrabortyVILLAGE SINGER-
228.Wil Van NisselroyWaves in the sand-
230.Sanat Kumar KarmakarVISION-
231.Manfred PillikGorilla-
232.Jiangchuan TongUnder the sky.jpg-
233.Than SintThe Parents -
234.Bob ChiuBalkan street corners10-
235.Bob ChiuRest in the teahouse-
236.Yuet Yee WongI HAVE A DREAM-
237.Shuvashis SahaPlaying pranks-
238.Florentino Molero GutierrezMientras te espero-
239.Jean-Claude PailleDescente à la crypte-
240.Barry WongChinese Kung Fu-
241.Barry WongNutcracker-
242.Barbara JenkinBraided Lady-
243.Barbara JenkinDynamic Demi-
244.Jill LamRodeo 1-
245.Maria MazoCity at night-
246.David WoodthorpeGramps and Grandkids-
247.Peter TeuschelFlute players-
248.Miranda SiuROLLING FIELDS 3-
249.Miranda SiuWHEATLAND-
250.Billion LimCHILD LIFE-
251.Kerry BoytellEagle Hunter and Friend-
252.Thanh VuTranh tai-
253.Thanh Vu70637-16396-19702-
254.Jose Luis UrbaitelRaices y Matadero-
255.Donald DedonatoBald Eagle Intensity-
256.Nay LinCarry Baby-
257.Myat Ko KoBagan Pagoda-
258.Myat Ko KoStreet Food-
259.Ian LedgardFists up-
260.Ian LedgardWinter tracery-
261.Jin Huat YeohMan at Charcoal Kiln-
262.Vincenzo Di PanfiloBiker on the road-
263.Vincenzo Di PanfiloMio fratello-
264.Anitha MysoreEnigma-
265.Zee Kek HengSpider and ladies-
266.Mohamed Tazi ChertiPROUD-
267.Barbara Schmidtwhite stairs-
268.Lisa LawCraigs Hut Vic High Country-
269.Lisa LawVintage Poise-
270.Shaohua FangBig family 1-
271.Shaohua Fangold lady 2-
272.Cyril MazanskyGuards Relaxing-
273.Zhimin ZhangBajau Family-
274.Zhimin Zhangcarry a heavy load-
275.Zhimin Zhangmeditation-
276.Zhimin Zhangsea wall-
277.Dilip PatelA artificer-
278.Herdis Halvas-NielsenWendeltreppe-
279.Roseline DupeuxLes belles bacchantes-
280.Pasquale VitaleOLD-
281.Daniel MaukoBefore the finish line bw-
282.Daniel MaukoCastle in the fog bw-
283.Daniel MaukoLandscape Geometry-
284.Vasilis KazepidisHonorary guards 03-
285.Valery KorenchukRainy day-
286.Danlei YeBethlehem16-
287.Danlei YeJump over the fire12-
288.Janos DanisTwo on the Field-
289.Janos DanisViktor-
290.Poul HeltPension-
291.Gottfried CataniaCanary Wharf Escalators-
292.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriMirror Mirror I am the Queen-
293.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriMY LOVING 2A-
294.Jozef AertsThree airballoons-
295.Jozef AertsWhite restplace-
296.Jeff McDonaldLudington Pilings Op 1634-
297.Sebastian KuczynskiBuild in LA-
298.Sebastian KuczynskiPicasso and girl-
299.Milos KaraklicFence-shadow-
300.Milos KaraklicOn the river-
301.Malcolm JenkinRuffle and Glove-
302.Ahmed Mohamed HassanBlack Eyes-
303.Asbjorn M OlsenTibetan prayer-
304.Pascalis BennedictBusy Day-
305.Norman Johnsonhp ump says out-
306.Hanxin LiPopulus-
307.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaLa farola del puente-
308.Alexander HochhausGloom-
309.Roald SynnevaagRoy-
310.Roald SynnevaagThe Housemaid 2-
311.Sugiarto WidodoThree Bicycles -
312.Giap Chiu TeoAbigail Ng In Black Three-
313.Boo Sum Robert ChoyWhat a Good Throw-
314.Vicki MoritzDeath Valley highway-
315.Hamid Mohammad Hossein Zadeh Hashemiscream-
316.Mei Fong TamRide in the Wind-
317.Minh Nguyen32064-54415-50110-
318.Ivan MiksikOn the infrared road-
319.Wolfgang SchwedenBeautiful Woman 6-
320.Joylene May Lee-ArcherDucati Run-
321.Kai ZhengGo to sea.JPG-
322.Basudeb ChakrabortyCREATION WITH MUD-
323.Wil Van NisselroyBlack Windmill-
324.Wil Van NisselroyBourtange-
325.Sanat Kumar KarmakarTHE LADY COOKER-
326.Jiangchuan TongSteed.jpg-
327.Bob ChiuThe Ganges river in India12-
328.Terry DickersonI Ride Shotgun-
329.Florentino Molero GutierrezEstrago-
330.Florentino Molero GutierrezSistole-
331.Hein HtetColorful yarns-
332.Naing Linn TunBasket Weaving-
333.Naing Linn TunGoats Huster-
334.Gary Shinnerescalation-
335.Barry WongBallet-
336.Jill LamDogsledding 1-
337.Maria MazoSomersby falls-
338.David WoodthorpePrayer Lady-
339.Michael BraunsteinFlood Kenya-
340.Billion LimCARRY ON-
341.Shirish JhaveriSMEET 3-
342.Angela PoggioniBelow Zero at Grand Teton-
343.Angela PoggioniFamily Of The Forest-
344.Ian LedgardCanal flats-
345.Jin Huat YeohHow tough I am-
346.Jin Huat YeohMaking Fish Tray 2-
347.Jin Huat YeohWomen Sewing 7-
348.Kjersti Holsta man in pain-
349.Zee Kek HengListen to my music-
350.H. W. ChanNo. 1-
351.Mohamed Tazi ChertiHANDCRAFTED-
352.Lewis K. Y. ChoiWomen Gossip 3-
353.Shaohua Fangspreading the wings-
354.Yvonne MouleWhite jug-
355.Cyril MazanskyLost Child at Varanasi-
356.Moshe GeizlerHound-
357.Moshe GeizlerNowhere in the Market-
358.Shahid SharafuddinDXB-
359.Dee LangevinLighthouse Beacon-
360.Dee LangevinLubec Harbor-
361.Pasquale VitaleCALATRAVA-
362.Phillip KwanBear with Fish 45-
363.Janos DanisImpish Charcoal Maker-
364.Poul HeltSiesta-
365.Gottfried CataniaStarship Corridor-
366.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriON LADAKH ROAD 2 -
367.Katie MakGRAND TETON-
369.Owen CochraneBikes in the rain-
370.Andy Cheunghorse's head4-
371.Milos KaraklicCanoeists 1-
372.Rob Boehlecharleroi at the exhibition-
373.Rob BoehleSyls detail-
374.Thinh NguyenSupermoon-
375.Andrew HaynesVictorian Splendour-
376.Juan Francisco Higueras GarciaEl banco de la espera-
377.Roald SynnevaagLady in Paris-
378.Sugiarto WidodoGood Morning Sydney -
379.Gabriele DellanaveBadlands USA-
380.Giap Chiu TeoAafreeda Forty One-
381.Giap Chiu TeoAislin Ong Su Xianin Black.-
382.Wunna Winfisher among lotus -
383.Wunna Winpointing to waterfall -
384.Boo Sum Robert ChoyChasing Relentlessly 2-
385.Boo Sum Robert ChoyTaking the Lead E-
386.Vicki MoritzParis by the Seine-
387.Mei Fong TamOcean Roar-
388.Joylene May Lee-ArcherTime fly's 1-
389.Aye Chan Myat ThuGo To Fishing-
390.Aye Chan Myat ThuJourney To The West-
391.Heinz PeksAshwinkumar-
392.Heinz PeksNatan2-
393.Sanat Kumar KarmakarMurudeswara Raja Gopuram-
394.Jiangchuan Tong“The eruption”.jpg-
395.Terry DickersonRandsburg Inn-
396.Shuvashis SahaDreaming about faraway places-
397.Michael J DukeWatchbell Lane-
398.Hein HtetKung Fu Master 05-
399.Jean-Claude PaillePlaisir de la balade-
400.Naing Linn TunEyes-
401.Barry WongArt of Ballet-
402.Peter TeuschelThe last public writer of Saigon-
403.Christine WoolgarThe Singing Sands Tide-
404.Michael BraunsteinBryce Canyon Milky Way-
405.Michael BraunsteinSwiss Dam-
406.Kerry BoytellDraculas Daughter-
407.Jose Luis UrbaitelLa cruz-
408.Donald DedonatoEastern Screech Owl-
409.Angela PoggioniRed Ape in Black-
410.Angela PoggioniStrolling in Winter-
411.Myat Ko KoSweet Smile-
412.Jasmin SuljanovicPodhod-
413.Ian LedgardHuman cubes-
414.Zee Kek HengWinding roads and rivers-
415.Ronald WilsonGIRL IN HOOPS 2 BW-
416.Moshe GeizlerPipes-
417.Ika CahyawatiFoggy Morning-
418.Volker MeinbergNordaustlandet 39-
419.Shahid SharafuddinInside Swadhinata Stambha 1-
420.Dee LangevinCrepuscular Rays-
421.Phillip KwanRemember -
422.Janos DanisEagle Head-
423.Poul HeltFanø girls-
424.Poul HeltThe Bridge-
425.Gottfried CataniaCity of Arts and Sciences 10-
426.Asim Kumar ChaudhuriAT SAND DUNES 20A-
428.Jan-Thomas StakeGlobes 2020-
429.Jeff McDonaldAntelope Canyon Op 1892-
430.Jeff McDonaldApproaching Storm Op 1876-
431.Andy CheungHui'an women31-
432.Sebastian KuczynskiBublle wizard-
433.Sebastian KuczynskiTrees and snow -
434.Rob Boehleeffekes de mail checken-
435.Norman Johnsoncowboy and saddle-
436.Hanxin LiNude Art1-
437.Andrew HaynesTouch Me-
438.Wolfgang HabringerTaking A Break 39-
439.Giap Chiu TeoFGS Band One-
440.Goutam Kumar DuttaSTREET MOTHER-
441.Grace LeeMick's ballet dancer-4-
442.Vicki MoritzOil Water 10-
443.Mei Fong TamFloating Chairs-
444.Wolfgang SchwedenAutumn foliage 1-
445.Joylene May Lee-ArcherMoored-
446.Terry DickersonNo Gas Today-
447.Jean-Claude PailleLes peignes du vent-
448.Gary ShinnerTrees of the bay-
449.David WoodthorpeThe Mill 9999-
450.Arne AnderssonLilian In Folk Costume 2-
451.Arne AnderssonRasmus 8-
452.Arne AnderssonSchool Festival 2019 C-
453.Christine WoolgarSaligo Shimmer-
454.Zee Kek HengSilent prayer-
455.H. W. ChanEgret Nc16-
456.Barbara SchmidtKrafla 04-
457.Barbara Schmidtlonely tree-
458.Shaohua FangConfiding Love-
459.Yvonne MouleGum trees-
460.Cyril MazanskyAlcove Upper Calf Creek 1-
461.Cyril MazanskyThe Venetian Musician-
462.Herdis Halvas-NielsenMe and my stick-
463.Volker MeinbergHelgoland Gannets 2023-
464.Volker MeinbergKodiak Bald Eagle 09-
465.Shahid SharafuddinView from the Top-
466.Phillip KwanGreat Gray Owl 44-
467.Gabriele DellanaveExcelsior Geyser Basin-
469.Grace LeeBombo Impression 1-
470.Minh Nguyen19033-52351-67614-
471.Joylene May Lee-ArcherDaisy-
472.Basudeb ChakrabortyWEAVY DUNES-
473.Wil Van NisselroyBalloons in the sky-
474.Michael J DukeColoseum Rome-
475.Michael J DukeIn his own world-
476.Gary ShinnerTunnel dweller-
477.Maria MazoArchitecture details-
478.Peter TeuschelBraveheart-
479.Arne AnderssonKurry-
480.Miranda SiuFINN SLOUGH 3-
481.Donald DedonatoOld Faithful Plume-
482.Herdis Halvas-NielsenClimbing into the water-
483.Vasilis KazepidisThe different shoes-
484.Norman Johnsoncanis lupus stalking-
485.Roald SynnevaagSommer i Sofienbergparken-
486.Goutam Kumar DuttaPRAY WITH WHEELS-
487.Minh Nguyen97650-45916-50413-
488.Terry DickersonOld Mill-
489.Michael J DukeOld News-
490.Jasmin SuljanovicIzdelava Ajvarja-
491.Herdis Halvas-NielsenCheetah jumping-
492.Dee LangevinPeace Lily-
493.Jean-Claude PaillePasser sans la voir-
494.Gary ShinnerNo mail today, or for sometime-
495.Peter TeuschelMiddle spotted woodpecker-
496.Jasmin SuljanovicFlight-
497.Markham MailCovid kiss-
498.Markham MailLandscape-
499.Markham MailOn the escalator-
500.Markham MailSelfies-