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About Me

In the 80s, Mario started photographing especially preferring the landscape and portraits. In 2008, thanks to some friends who deal with PhotosNature, he begins to notice the wonderful world around him and was fascinated by insects that swarm right next to the house and that he had never observed. A passion for macro photography but also to the fauna of wetlands in various corners of the beautiful Tuscany and, in the rare free moments left by profession, he photograps documenting the various types of bird documenting the species and behavior of each animal. From 2013, after leaving the profession, he devoted himself more intensively to photography and successfully participated in various group exhibitions and photographic competitions obtaining several national and international acclaim. In 2017 he obtain the title of AFIAP (Artist of International Federation of Photography). At the same year, he was invited to Turkey and took part in the exhibition organized in 2015 in the rooms of the Arkas Museum as part of the important event "Izmir: a legacy for tomorrow" and the subsequent publication of a catalog book with photos of all the authors. Also in 2015, Mario was invited to exhibit his photos at the "International Photography Festival of YI XIAN" in China, with almost 5000 photos of 167 authors from all over the world. For Mario the photo nature is a means to know better what is around us but also to learn about new worlds. Photographing something never seen, watching the behavior of a species that often makes you forget to shoot, this is the real emotion that leads him to get up at dawn and spend many hours waiting for something to arrive and let himself be immortalized.

Basic Info

  • Birth date: 1950-05-23
  • Gender: Male
  • Photo club: Il Cupolone of Florence
  • Title: AFIAP


  • Country: Italy


+39 3886167696

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