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About Me

Having practiced the business photography in a great industrial group(after having been engineer of production in this same group). Now, I am 71 years old and, in retirement, I make photography in passionate hobbyist. I like all types of photograph(Nature, studio, travel, journalism, etc...), but more especially safari's photos in Africa, my second home!
- During 10 years : vice-president of image without frontier (ISF) with my friend Riccardo Busi, now President of FIAP.
- Member of the Photographic Federation of France (FPF).
- Member of FIAP.
- ex PSA active member during 20 years, but now I leave from it.
- GPU (ex.UPI) member since 2008.
- Hon. FIP, Hon. PESGSPC.
- Judge and/or speaker in international contests in USA, Greece, India, Serbia, Russia, Luxemburg, South Africa, France, etc...
I never asked some honors in photography to PSA, FIAP, UPI, ISF, etc... Just 5 stars PSA in ND and CS ; because I prefer to be on the land rather than to make administrative demands.
But here are some awards:

Best of the Best FIAP 2016
Best of the Best FIAP 2017

PSA Best Of the Year in Nature Open : 2011 and 2013
PSA Portrait individual competition 2012/2013 : Best of the Year (1st place)
Who's who PSA Nature digital :
-2013 : 3th place
-2014 : 1st place (number ONE)
From the year 2015 the PSA it's the shame. I only participate if there is the FIAP recognition.

At this day, 105 times Best Author(blue badge FIAP) in :
- Argentina
- Belarus
- Bulgaria
- China
- Greece
- India
- Macedonia
- Montenegro
- Romania
- Russia
- Serbia
- Turkey
- Ukraine.
and in my trophy room there are 1910 international awards ! I add that I am six times grandpa and that my grandchildren say that their grandpa is always in his photographs :-)
Update : 2020 07 30

Basic Info

  • Birth date: 1948-07-01
  • Gender: Male
  • Photo club: none club now
  • Title: Best of the Best FIAP 2016 and 2017


  • Country: France




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Best of the Best FIAP 2016 and 2017